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Cold Hard Candy

Shark Tank Drank Starter Pack

Shark Tank Drank Starter Pack

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The Shark Tank Drank Starter Pack is all the ingredients you need to make our TikTok famous recipe: 1 of each of the following: Sprite, Mtn Dew Frost Bite, Calypso Ocean Blue Lemonade and Blue Shark gummies.

The og sprite, lemon-lime flavored soda for bold personalities

Mtn Dew Frost Bite:
Mountain DEW doesn't have to be green. Our broad flavor collection has something for everyone. Try Mountain Dew Frost Bite soda. Introducing MTN DEW FROST BITE….The taste that chills Bundle up so you don’t get bit by the new MTN DEW Frost Bite

Calypso Ocean Blue Lemonade:
The Ocean Blue flavor will take you to an Island and ocean setting. Blue, fits perfectly with the ocean theme. The combination of three different blue colored berries (blueberries, blackberries and blue raspberries) plus lemon, creates a unique flavor with a strikingly Blue Ocean feel. Because of that, Ocean Blue is one of Calypso’s most popular flavors.


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